Wooden Artwork

Indian Wooden Handicrafts

For centuries, Indian wooden handicrafts have retained a traditional place in ancient scriptures and mythology. There have been instances where instructions have been found in holy books on the process to manufacture wooden doors. Wood from India has especially been used for making utensils in several parts of the country and they are still used at many places for that purpose.

The famous walnut wood from Kashmir that is mostly used for carving small book racks, bowls, trays and numerous items of conventional use, have earned recognition and fame all across the world. Examples of Indian woodwork, influenced by ancient architectural styles, are in demand globally. There is also the famous sandalwood work of Karnataka which is recognized all over the world because of its distinctive smell. It is used for manufacturing intricate and eye-catching craft work. Another fine example of Indian wooden handicraft is the sandalwood hand-fan. When used, the fan spreads the fragrance of the wood all across the room. Meanwhile, in Andhra Pradesh, the red sandalwood variety is used by Indian furniture manufacturers for carving idols, deities, figurines, statuettes and dolls. Particularly valuable are the trinket boxes that are carved out of rosewood and ebony. These are mostly manufactured in northern India.

The western state of Rajasthan, known all over the world for its majestic forts and palaces, is considered to be the hub of Indian wooden handicrafts. The state itself boasts of a rich tradition and culture. It has gained all the more recognition for creating fascinating and native handicrafts. The woodcraft of Rajasthan is especially famous for the state’s distinct art and design forms.

A very popular type of wooden handicraft of this western Indian state is the puppet. Wooden puppets are an integral artwork form of the famous Rajasthan handicrafts. Long strings are usually attached to these puppets which move and dance when the strings are pulled. There’s a narrator who tells a story, mostly pertaining to history or mythology. This is a very popular and ancient art form, still very much on display in the state. It’s a native form of narrating a story and extensively used to entertain tourists to Rajasthan.

Wooden handicrafts of Rajasthan, also sometimes made by Indian furniture manufacturers, are usually characteristically colorful. They carry intricate craftsmanship as well. Wooden candle holders, blinds, toys etc. are widely manufactured in Rajasthan. Interestingly, sandalwood too, is often used for manufacturing such objects. Desert caravans manufactured from sandalwood are attractive show-pieces of this place. In fact, key chains, trinket boxes and other similar items, manufactured from fragrant sandalwood, are hugely popular all across the world.

Indian wooden handicrafts made in Rajasthan, are not merely restricted to gift items. The state’s creative domain has extended its influence over furnishings and furniture as well. Inlaid brass sheet wooden furniture is a signature woodwork style of this state. People here love to flaunt wooden coasters and trays on their dining tables that are handcrafted exclusively by skilled artisans.

No wonder that Indian handicrafts are renowned all over the world.