Wooden Artwork

A Wooden Fence For a Better Exterior

Ever since the ancient human being evolved and gradually developed into civilization, the concept of fencing has been gaining ground. There are several reasons for the instant popularity of this architectural wonder. The main reasons are the privacy and security that it promises for the owner.

Wooden fence is a phenomenon which dates back to the middle ages, that is around 12th century to the current advances in the landscape decoration. Although in the old times, the fences were erected so as to defy the prevailing attacks of the predators and other animals on the livestock and fresh farm produces, the modern day fences have a lot different purpose.

The wooden fence carries a lot of artwork and classical methodology, which creates an ambience of luxury and crafty outlook. Just in case you happen to see a house in one of the posh localities of your place, you can not help noticing the elegant wooden fencing covering the boundaries of that house. Usually painted white, the final look which it radiates is nothing short of a spectacular.

Creation of such types of fences is relatively easy, and with a bare minimum effort, one can easily make one for his own property.

As a basic rule, the wooden planks which are to be used in the fencing should be kept at least 6″ to 8″ apart. This also depends on the type of terrain and the purpose of the fencing. Setting up of the two extreme posts is the next step. Mark the full stretch of the land with regular intervals of 6″ to 8″, where you can fit in the planks in the post hole. Devote some time for the proper setting up of the poles, as the final result can depend on this factor alone.

There are several advantages of the wooden fence, as compared to the other forms of fencing. This type of fencing is cheaper, and the materials required can be easily located as well.